Saturday, December 29, 2012

 Went to the Witte Museum today to check out the mummies exhibit.  It was pretty cool, kind of creepy because it's dimly lit and they have this music in the background that makes it even creepier.  Thankfully we went early because by the time we left there was a huge line of people waiting to get it.  Unfortunately we can't take pictures inside but that's understandable because these mummies are thousands of years old.  They have them from Egypt, Chile, Peru, Romania and basically all over the world.  Even mummified animals are part of the exhibit which was news to me. I liked it, found it very educational.

Upcoming release: 'Guilt' by Jonathan Kellerman

Upcoming release: 'Guilt' by Jonathan Kellerman

Friday, December 28, 2012

Upcoming release: 'Private Berlin' by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Upcoming release: 'Private Berlin' by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan
Finally decided to go check out Vegeria Vegan Restaurant for lunch after shopping all morning.  At first I was psyched to have so many option, I'm not used to that.  Usually a restaurant will have one, maybe two vegetarian choices but wow, this place has so much to offer. I opted for the vegan enchiladas because it's been awhile since i've had them at a restaurant. Usually they're covered in chili con carne sauce. Ended up waiting over 30 minutes for my order and when we asked the waitress if this is the norm, she gave us the "you'll get it when you get it" attitude. No bueno! I'll probably go back again, but not anytime soon. Maybe i'll go check out Green Vegetarian Cuisine or even The Cove.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shear Madness: Murder mystery coming in January

Shear Madness: Murder mystery coming in January

Domingo Martinez' book reading and signing

Me getting my book signed

Domingo Martinez speaking

Domingo Martinez and I

My personalized signed copy of the book

These are some of the pictures taken at the book reading/signing on Thursday.  We arrived just a few minutes late but i was still able to buy a copy and listen to him read a couple of chapters.  Not bad for a guy from good ol' Browntown. Represent! Anyways, it was a nice time, got to meet him, talk to him and of course take a picture. yeah, everyone claims they're not with it. 

Domingo Martinez: Author appearance and book reading

Domingo Martinez: Author appearance and book reading

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free movie nights at Santikos Bijou: October

Free movie nights at Santikos Bijou: October

San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show at the Alamodome

San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show at the Alamodome
We also had our neighborhood night out.  It's supposed to be this Tuesday but someone decided to have it on a Saturday night instead of during the week. In my opinion it just defeated the purpose. I wanted to celebrate it as a city wide event. Anyways, it was alright, it could of gone better. As always with my block i was the youngest one there.
Me with Ahmed Hassan

Gardening stuff
Yesterday was a busy day since we got started early in the day.  We headed to the Alamodome for the San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show. It was pretty interesting since they had so many things to do and so many vendors.  We stuck around taking pictures until it was time to see Ahmed Hassan (the celebrity landscaper from the DIY Netowork) speak.  Afterwards, there was a chance to meet him so we ended up getting his autograh and taking a picture with him (well, me, actually).

Wine Tastings
One of the many vendors

Pottery making demonstrations

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy weekend

The poster for this series of movies

Dot from Animaniacs

James Dean at his best

The crowd before the show

Light concessions were being sold
The weekend started on Friday night when we headed over to the San Antonio Botanical Garden for the week's Starlight Movies in the Garden series.  They were showing James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause.  I had never seen any of his movies and since the weather's much cooler now (not 100 degree plus) it seemed like a good idea.  Everything went off without a hitch until the sprinklers went off.  That's right, someone forgot to disable them for the night.  It was already dark so all we knew was people in the back were screaming bloody hell.  They ended up drenched by the time they were turned off.  Before the movie they showed a couple of episodes of Animaniac.  It was pretty cool cause I hadn't seen those cartoons in years..Oh, and the mosquitos, yeah, they were there, so a lot of people thought ahead and brought the repellant. Luckily we did too.

Yesterday we headed over to Santikos Bijou for the Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2012.  It's a showcase of seven short films from Texas' filmmakers.  It had a little bit of everything but I swear not even I understood/liked a couple of them, and I'm a big artsy person. Oh well, that's why they had different kinds.  My favorite was The Order of This by Chris Spisak.  It's about this guy who gets arrested after a confrontation with his girlfriend.  Like always there's two sides to every story and....*spoiler alert* it turns out he killed her and i guess he went nuts because he's seeing her even in his cell in the looney bin. It reminded me of Criminal Minds, which is cool.  Aftewards they had a Q&A with a couple of the filmmakers there so it was pretty cool.

Q&A with Chris Spisak and Will Shipley
Can't wait for next weekend, it's gonna be another busy one.  Friday night it's Austin's Roxy Roca at Luna, Saturday it's the San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show, the opening day of the mummies exhibit at the Witte Museum and we're having our next neighborhood night out shinding.

Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2012 at Santikos Bijou

Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2012 at Santikos Bijou

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinosaur Stampede at SABOT

This is the opening weekend at the SABOT for the Dinosaur Exhibit.  It is great for the family to take the kids because there's plenty to do.  There's an obstacle course, face fainting, they can make dino masks and so much more.  The display itself runs until Dec 30--they are life size so cool.  The only bad thing is that they are stretched out the length of the garden & that's a lot of walking.  I could only do half of it because i wasn't ready for it.  Make sure to wear comfortable/cool clothing & be prepared to do plenty of walking (that's a good thing)--it's one of those all day things, so take your time, be comfortable & enjoy the experience.  I'll probably go back for the second half.

The Festival People en Espanol is going on this weekend at the Henry V Gonzales convention center.  The concerts are at night at the Alamodome. Check out the website for a full itinerary.

Tonight at the Shops at La Cantera there's a jazz concert featuring Vincent Ingala.  He's this awesome saxophonist who's on the rise--and he's only 19. 

Plenty to do this weekend, so get out there & get active, don't spend it indoors, get a move on...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

James Rollins' book signing

So Thursday I headed over to the Barnes & Nobles at La Cantera to go to my first book signing, and by an author whose books I've never read but it's never too late to pick up another author.  Hopefully I'll like his style of writing;it combines history, science and the supernatural, so we'll see.

It was hard to believe but it actually started on time & everything.  Before it started, one of the booksellers was handing out post-its for us to put a personalized message, i gues to make it easier for him and speed things along. The first 35 minutes or so were of him introducing himself, his writings & how he got started and then there was a Q & A session.  He seemed to be pretty down to earth, funny overall a nice enough person.  Then we proceeded, row by row to get his autograph & take pictures if we wanted to. Of course I took a picture with him, it turned out to be a good one for once. 

Making small talk

James Rollins and me

Brand new book

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Went to see this movie today and I have to admit I liked it. It has two of my favorite themes: history & vampires. Sure, the idea that Abraham Lincoln was a hunter on the side is preposterous, but it was a fun movie. The battles scenes were pretty cool and I loved the historical references, like when Lincoln met Douglas, their debate, the battle of Gettysburg & the speech. It had plenty of plot twists to keep it interesting & best of all, it was under two hours long so it didn't draw on. I'd love to see this one again.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Finally went to see Battleship today and I was pleasantly surprised.  The effects were pretty good, the story was good (just don't think too much about it) and the whole courage under fire theme was admirable.  I liked it because it turns the loose cannon guy into a heroe and forces him to become a leader because others are counting on him.  All in all, i didn't notice the 2 hr plus time that we spent in the theatre (plus, it wasn't too crowded).

South Texas Heritage Center

The entrance to the center

Another interactive exhibit

Me and Mr Burro
The Witte Museum is opening a new building this week--the South Texas Heritage Center.  We went to check it out on Thursday since it was a Members' Preview day, well, Wednesday and Thursday,and it was pretty good.  My impression:  that this is the museum of the future.  It had all kinds of interactive exhibits, hands-on, audio, multimedia, the works.  There's a life size statue of an old time freighter at the entrance that welcomes visitors, i mean, literally welcomes them.  "HI, welcome visitors"--it's an audio recording and the head of the guy is superimposed so that the mouth and eyes move.  It's cool, but also creepy.  Throughout the building there's all kinds of art, and stories of people who helped shaped the area.  Some have a button to push and a hologram comes out telling his story.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was this morning but we couldn't make it, it's the official opening to the public.  They also have live historical recreations and actors dressed in period clothing through out the place that you can talk to and ask questions and they'll be more than glad to tell you 'who they are' and their stories. It's pretty cool, i liked it and highly recommend it, especially since this is a long holiday weekend and the summer coming up, something to do with the family.
One of the video exhibits, you press a button to activate
A live historical demonstration

Another live demonstration, a flutist

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recent block party

Flowers for the hostess
Saturday we had a block party at our place, just a few friends/neighbors getting together for drinks/snacks.  It was just a way to get to know each other better and keep in touch. Case in point, our next door neighbors had no idea that one of our neighbor's mother had passed away some time ago. I'm sure they would have sent flowers or condolences but he didn't tell anyone. Oh well, the evening was a success and everyone went away satisfied at having to get to know one another. We made plans for a National Night Out gathering on October 2. Hope it works out because we never do anything in this block to commemorate the occasion (maybe Mayor Castro will show up). Well, one can hope, can't we?

Glen Campbell will bring 'The Goodbye Tour' to the Majestic Theatre

Glen Campbell will bring 'The Goodbye Tour' to the Majestic Theatre

Sunday, May 13, 2012

San Antonio Rampage

Last week I went to my first hockey game which is unusual because I've never been to a sporting event (okay, once I went to a Missions game) but I thought I'd give it a try. I mean, I think hockey's pretty interesting, was the playoffs but unfortunately they lost.  That's okay, i had was an exciting game. I'll probably go to another one soon,  you never know...Let's go Rampage!
Ready to play

Video view

San Antonio Rampage

Rampage mascot

Culinaria: Wine & Food Arts Festival May 16-20

Culinaria: Wine & Food Arts Festival May 16-20

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Luminaria 2012

Mayor Castro addressing the crowd
After being rescheduled from March, Luminaria finally went off without a hitch.  The opening ceremony started while it was still light out so some of the exhibits weren't available yet if they involved light but there was plenty else to do in the meantime. After the necessary speeches by Mayor Castro and the coordinators of the event, an air horn blew confetti onto the spectators and amid shouts of 'Viva Luminaria' the night officially began.
Shower of confetti

Urban 15 performed
The full moon was gorgeous that night
 The night's festivities weren't scheduled to end until 1:00am but by 10:00pm we were out of there. It was a pretty good night as it had every type of art represented: from music, to lyrical and paintings. Another successful Luminaria. Arts in San Antonio is alive and well.
The entrance to Hemisfair Park lighted for the occassion