Sunday, July 1, 2012

James Rollins' book signing

So Thursday I headed over to the Barnes & Nobles at La Cantera to go to my first book signing, and by an author whose books I've never read but it's never too late to pick up another author.  Hopefully I'll like his style of writing;it combines history, science and the supernatural, so we'll see.

It was hard to believe but it actually started on time & everything.  Before it started, one of the booksellers was handing out post-its for us to put a personalized message, i gues to make it easier for him and speed things along. The first 35 minutes or so were of him introducing himself, his writings & how he got started and then there was a Q & A session.  He seemed to be pretty down to earth, funny overall a nice enough person.  Then we proceeded, row by row to get his autograph & take pictures if we wanted to. Of course I took a picture with him, it turned out to be a good one for once. 

Making small talk

James Rollins and me

Brand new book