Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free movie nights at Santikos Bijou: October

Free movie nights at Santikos Bijou: October

San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show at the Alamodome

San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show at the Alamodome
We also had our neighborhood night out.  It's supposed to be this Tuesday but someone decided to have it on a Saturday night instead of during the week. In my opinion it just defeated the purpose. I wanted to celebrate it as a city wide event. Anyways, it was alright, it could of gone better. As always with my block i was the youngest one there.
Me with Ahmed Hassan

Gardening stuff
Yesterday was a busy day since we got started early in the day.  We headed to the Alamodome for the San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show. It was pretty interesting since they had so many things to do and so many vendors.  We stuck around taking pictures until it was time to see Ahmed Hassan (the celebrity landscaper from the DIY Netowork) speak.  Afterwards, there was a chance to meet him so we ended up getting his autograh and taking a picture with him (well, me, actually).

Wine Tastings
One of the many vendors

Pottery making demonstrations

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Busy weekend

The poster for this series of movies

Dot from Animaniacs

James Dean at his best

The crowd before the show

Light concessions were being sold
The weekend started on Friday night when we headed over to the San Antonio Botanical Garden for the week's Starlight Movies in the Garden series.  They were showing James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause.  I had never seen any of his movies and since the weather's much cooler now (not 100 degree plus) it seemed like a good idea.  Everything went off without a hitch until the sprinklers went off.  That's right, someone forgot to disable them for the night.  It was already dark so all we knew was people in the back were screaming bloody hell.  They ended up drenched by the time they were turned off.  Before the movie they showed a couple of episodes of Animaniac.  It was pretty cool cause I hadn't seen those cartoons in years..Oh, and the mosquitos, yeah, they were there, so a lot of people thought ahead and brought the repellant. Luckily we did too.

Yesterday we headed over to Santikos Bijou for the Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2012.  It's a showcase of seven short films from Texas' filmmakers.  It had a little bit of everything but I swear not even I understood/liked a couple of them, and I'm a big artsy person. Oh well, that's why they had different kinds.  My favorite was The Order of This by Chris Spisak.  It's about this guy who gets arrested after a confrontation with his girlfriend.  Like always there's two sides to every story and....*spoiler alert* it turns out he killed her and i guess he went nuts because he's seeing her even in his cell in the looney bin. It reminded me of Criminal Minds, which is cool.  Aftewards they had a Q&A with a couple of the filmmakers there so it was pretty cool.

Q&A with Chris Spisak and Will Shipley
Can't wait for next weekend, it's gonna be another busy one.  Friday night it's Austin's Roxy Roca at Luna, Saturday it's the San Antonio Fall Home and Garden Show, the opening day of the mummies exhibit at the Witte Museum and we're having our next neighborhood night out shinding.

Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2012 at Santikos Bijou

Houston Film Commission's Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2012 at Santikos Bijou

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinosaur Stampede at SABOT

This is the opening weekend at the SABOT for the Dinosaur Exhibit.  It is great for the family to take the kids because there's plenty to do.  There's an obstacle course, face fainting, they can make dino masks and so much more.  The display itself runs until Dec 30--they are life size so cool.  The only bad thing is that they are stretched out the length of the garden & that's a lot of walking.  I could only do half of it because i wasn't ready for it.  Make sure to wear comfortable/cool clothing & be prepared to do plenty of walking (that's a good thing)--it's one of those all day things, so take your time, be comfortable & enjoy the experience.  I'll probably go back for the second half.

The Festival People en Espanol is going on this weekend at the Henry V Gonzales convention center.  The concerts are at night at the Alamodome. Check out the website for a full itinerary.

Tonight at the Shops at La Cantera there's a jazz concert featuring Vincent Ingala.  He's this awesome saxophonist who's on the rise--and he's only 19. 

Plenty to do this weekend, so get out there & get active, don't spend it indoors, get a move on...